Light Yagami Vs Light Turner!

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Netflix released a clip from its live-action adaptation film of the popular manga and anime series Death Note. The clip shows the first meeting of Ryuk and Light.

The clip begins with an eaten apple falling on the floor and Light Turner getting afraid of watching some kind of a monster. While he is trying to convince himself that its just a dream, Ryuk makes his appearance. Ryuk shows him how people are bulling the innocents, and unlike in manga/anime, it is Ryuk who encourages Light to use the Death Note in the movie, while Light himself is quite hesitant to use it.

On the other hand, in the original manga/anime, Light Yagami is very confident about using the Death Note. Infact his decision to use the Death Note comes out of his own desire to provide justice. Not just that even before he meets Ryuk, he fills pages of the Death Note with names on it. When Ryuk makes an appearance in front of him, he gets shocked but certainly doesn't get afraid of him. Infact he confesses that, when he started using the Death Note he was already prepared to face a Tshinigami. He even expect that Tshinigami would take his soul for using the Death Note.

Thus, we can say there is a huge difference between the two characters. Light Turner from the live-action is more like a coward, who is afraid of death. While Light Yagami from the manga/anime is very confident and quite a daredevil. Not just that there is huge difference in the character of Ryuk as well. Ryuk from the live-action is trying to manipulate Light into using the Death Note, while Ryuk from the anime/manga does nothing. He is just there to get entertained and let Light decide what he has to do with the Death Note.

So to sum it up, the changes that are made in the live-action does not do justice to the original characters. Now how it affects the storyline, to find out that, we will have to wait until the movie releases on 25th of August on Netflix.

What do you think about both the characters? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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