Longest Arc of Dragon Ball Super Is Coming to a Fantastic End. What’s Next?

Dragon Ball Super has been running its one of the most ambitious arcs yet, The Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc or The Moro Arc. And it seems that this current arc is heading toward a spectacular climax and then to a glass raising end. With only one chapter left, the arc is about to wrap the story up after publishing a total of 25 chapters and something over 1100 pages in all, which sums up to the impressive amount of six volumes in all. These stats look even more impressive when one is told that Dragon Ball Super has only had 14 volumes to its name including this current arc.

The creators have put so much of the content in The Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc that it roughly covers half of the total series. Fans are in the opinion of reading the entire arc once the final chapter is released to recap all that has been done in this amazing arc so far so they won’t miss out on any easter egg.

The latest chapter of the manga, Chapter 66 saw the Z fighters claim their inevitable victory over the planet eater Moro. Goku, for yet another time, following his everyday routine, broke new limits an attained another transformation that had the fans screaming at the screens with anxiety to see how Goku will handle this new form after finally being able to defeat his most destructive enemy yet. Moro, fused with earth, couldn’t handle the power of all the living beings still walking the earth and lost his ability to manipulate his power and even his consciousness. With the immense power swelling inside of his grossly altering body, Moro is not able to defend himself anymore and there comes a point where Z fighters finally pulled it off when Goku, along with the power of all the other fighters, struck Moro with one final blow.

Moro was defused with Earth and everything that he had consumed so far after the destruction of the forehead crystal, giving this long arc a power-packed ending.

The question of what comes next to The Moro Arc has also been answered by one of the editors of the series. According to the reports on a recent chat, it has been confirmed that Akira Toriyama is working on a new arc which will begin its run from late December or probably from January 2021.

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