Masashi Kishimoto to take over the writing of Boruto Manga

Boruto: Naruto next generations, currently working on their 52nd chapter have some exciting news from their Headquarters. Without any rumours circulating or anyone expecting, the Naruto creator Masashi took over the writing of Boruto Manga.

It is shocking that they let go of kodachi as a writer because he wasn’t doing a bad job. The reasons are still unknown for this feat. However, it feels good to learn the fact that Kishimoto will take over as a writer of the Manga. The next chapter is going to be released on 21st November and it is possible that it will be written by Kishimoto himself. However, the drafting and design will be done by kodachi for now. There are chances for Kishimoto to take over the design as well due to the fan’s dissatisfaction regarding the design and artwork. But it could take a while as there’s much more on Kishimoto's plate right now.

The reason wasn’t mentioned and anything about it is a speculation. My guess is Kishimoto is not okay with the idea of kodachi to kill Naruto for Boruto's character development. Blaze of glory does not work in this case because people love Naruto more than Boruto and killing Naruto will indirectly kill the Manga. To save the franchise that he created and loves dearly, Kishimoto had to step in.

There are other speculations saying that Kishimoto is back so that he can kill Naruto himself as he was the one who created him and Kodachi doesn’t want to kill Naruto, something that is much bigger than him. Kishimoto stepped in because he was prepared to kill Naruto as a character to work on Boruto's character development. Well, I think these kind of speculations are false alarms and No writer would kill something he created for a long haul. Considering that Boruto is not even that engaging without Naruto's influence on the show as of now, and killing him would do exactly the opposite of what writers aim.

Anyway, we already have written a theory about Naruto's supposed death in Chapter 52 of Boruto. Please make sure to read it for the better understanding of the previous chapters and an idea of what’s currently happening and what might happen in future. We will be doing more theories and chapter reviews eventually. What do you think about Kishimoto taking over the writing of Boruto? Please let us know. Also please make sure to follow us everywhere! Peace out.


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