The Stakes Are Raised Higher For Mumbai Comic Con 2017!

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Attention! Geeks, and nerds. The most celebrated event - Mumbai Comic-Con is nearing. And the awe-inspiring pre-events organized by Comic Con India team have added to the excitement for the main event on 11-12th Nov 2017. Last weekend, 23rd Sept 2017, we witnessed one such astonishing pre-event which celebrated the iconic Cape Crusader - The Batman!

Being a superhero enthusiasts, we just jumped on this opportunity to celebrate the Dark Knight. That's not all, it was also the 25th anniversary of Harley Quinn.

As the event theme was centered around Batman, many Batman fans dressed-up wearing Batman T-shirts as a mark of celebrating their favourite superhero. They exhibited their Bat-gyaan by participating in special Bat-quiz contest. The winners were rewarded with supercool DC merchandises. Customized Bat-drinks and the amazing music was enough to make the crowd go wild.

All said and done but the real star of the show were the cosplayers who cosplayed as their favourite DC comic, cartoon and live action movies characters. Cosplay is about showing your love and affection for a character literally on your body, Here are some who exactly exhibited that to perfection.

Here are some best cosplays from the day:

Gaurav Sawant as Dead Shot

Gaurav Sawant (Pyrus) as Dead Shot

Saurabh Rawat as Harley Quinn (Gender bend)

Saurabh as Harley Quinn (Gender Bend Cosplay)

Picture Credit: Nikhil Pardeshi

Atharva Lobo as Constantine

Tanzim Pardiwala as Joker (Gender Bend)

Picture Credit: Nikhil Pardeshi

Cosplayer TJ as Two-Face (Gender Bend)

Picture Credit: Nikhil Pardeshi

Nickk as Penguin

TJ & Nickk as Two Face & Penguin

Picture Credit: Nikhil Pardeshi

Kalika as Katana

Kalika as Katana

Picture Credit: Kalika's Facebook Timeline

Earlier in mid-August, CCI had organized a free workshop on Comic creation in Mumbai, and on 8th Oct 2017 Road to Comic-Con, cosplay workshop will be held at Bombay Rasta. Professional cosplayers from Mumbai along with ICC Winner of 2017, Sameer Bundela, will be hosting this very special workshop where they will take you through the entire process of crafting your own costume, and share quick hacks to create great costumes in the best possible way. The workshop will also help fans understand how and where they can obtain costumes, props, wigs, and more for the perfect cosplay.

About Sameer Bundela

The current Cosplay Champion of India. He has been cosplaying for over 6 years and cosplayed characters like Chewbacca, Skywrath Mage, Judge Dredd, Freddy Krueger, Rorschach and Spawn in the past.

About Sharayu Kumtekar

Cosplayer, makeup artist & costume designer based in Mumbai. She is self-taught SFX and cosplay makeup artist. Her first cosplay was The Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland, cosplayed in MCC 16 and PCC 17.

About Tanzim Pardiwala

She has a special interest in anime, fantasy and science-fi TV/Films or any characters with absurd quirks. Somewhere between struggling with finished borders and making pretty bows, she became a seamstress. A curious mind, she started cosplaying right after discovering the cosplay culture at the first Comic-Con in Mumbai.

About Jeet Molankar

Three times grand prize winner at Mumbai and Hyderabad Comic Con. Cosplaying for over 4 years and has Cosplayed Green Goblin, Ghost Rider, and Whiplash in the past.

About Atharva Lobo

He has been cosplaying since 2013, the journalist by day and master of last-minute budget cosplays by night.

Date & Time

Sunday, 8th October, 2017

12:00 PM Onwards


Raasta Bombay

Rohan Plaza, 5th Road,

S.V. Road, Khar West.

Also check out Nikhil Pardeshi's facebook page: Antic Ninja

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Also check out Nishad's facebook page: TitanNish

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