Meta-Desi Comics Founder Akshay Dhar Goes Live On Comic Con India Official Page!

Akshay Dhar, Founder Of Meta-Desi Comics recently went live on the Comic Con India official Facebook page. Akshay gave an insight about his website Meta-Desi Comics and talked about the popular comics running on the website. Akshay also revealed details of their recently launched comic 'Jataka Tales' comics which is illustrated in Manga style.

Akshay later answered several questions which were often asked to him about his website, comics and the comic industry. While answering the questions he revealed that they are coming up with 2 more issues of 'Holy Hell' comics. 'Holy Hell' is the most popular comic of Meta-Desi Comics website which is written and illustrated by Abhijeet Kini. So far 3 issues of the comic are released on the website. The fourth issue is scheduled to release by the end of this year, while the 5 issue is planned to release after December. The release dates of the issue are not yet confirmed.

Akshay further talked about his collaboration with Abhijeet Kini. He revealed that the two met at the first Comic Con India event which was held in Delhi in the year 2011. He shared his experience about working with the 'Angry Maushi' creator and said that working with a creative person such as Abhijeet makes his work easier.

The Meta-Desi Comics founder further shared his opinion about the web-comic industry in India. He said "I have tried it, I think Web comics are great, because it gives you a good audience, it gives an easy way to reach people, but the problem is; at the end of the day, to make comics, somewhere you have to make a little money out of it." He said that the E-Publishing industry is currently not favourable for comics in India as Indians don't buy them.

Dhar ended his video by recommending a few comics for the beginners. You can check out the entire video on the given link below:

Fandom Month Live With Akshay Dhar!

Source: Comic Con India Official Facebook Page

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