Mewtwo Returns to Pokémon

Mewtwo Returns to Pokémon

The legendary and arguably the most significant pocket monster of the ultra-famous show Pokémon, Mewtwo is once again in the light after its comeback on the show in the following episodes of Pokémon Journeys.

The two young Pokémon trainers will be seen fighting testing their fate against the legendary Pokémon Mewtwo And it’s not just any Mewtwo, it is the same one that Ash Ketchum has encountered several times in the past in his adventures. Interestingly, the show had just finished with a major arc that revolved around the Dark Day storyline of Pokémon: Sword and Shield, where also the two trainers fought against legendary Pokémons. And it was surprising to see how the creators have again immediately thrown the young trainers against yet another legendary Pokémon.

In the latest episode of Pokémon Journeys, Episode 46, Ash and Goh are seen investigating the mysterious island named Cello in order to find out what secrets it holds inside. Upon catching the energy similar to that of Mew, they head toward to island to meet the Pokémon. However, they are presented with a Mewtwo in place of a Mew.

The episode features some other lost Pokémon who have been abused by humans and are now living on the Cello island along with their, you could say saviour, Mewtwo. It is clear that Mewtwo holds the same principles that he’s had all throughout the show and is mesmerized and highly impressed by the tenderness that both Ash and Goh show for their Pokémon friends and how graciously they have bonded with them and pays its respect to both of them. The episodes are however shorter than it should be. Fans are left in a bittersweet mood after this episode, as they were both joyously surprised by the unexpected encounter with Mewtwo and a little disappointed by such a short encounter between Ash and Mewtwo.

Masachaki Ichimura has returned to voice Mewtwo again. Ichimura has previously voiced the character multiple times, in Pokémon: The Movie and Mewtwo Strikes Back EVOLUTION.

Do you think there will be another encounter with Mewtwo after this unexpected one?

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