My Hero Academia Chapter 281 Pays An Ode To Dragon Ball Z

*Spoilers Ahead*

'Boku no Hīrō Akademia' fans have been witnessing epic battles in the current "Paranormal Liberation War" arc from 'Rise of Villain Saga' in the manga series. The manga has still been slow in the growth prospects of its young heroes, except series' protagonist Izuku Midoriya. Izuku, fondly called as Deku, has been observing his inherited One For All power to be evolving and growing stronger, more effective. This is stereotypically the result of the gradual evolution of the powers of his arch-rival Tomura Shigaraki.

In the latest chapter of the manga, chapter 281, Izuku and Bakugo are seen pitched in a sprawling battle against 'Plus-Ultra' Tomura Shigaraki. A lot of other major pro heroes are fighting alongside Deku and Bakugo, but with the fall of one major fighter, Izuku shows us something rather nostalgic.

A Dragon Ball Z - styled power up !!!

In the current battle between Heroes and Tomura Shigaraki, heroes are facing troubles as Villain-leader has amplified his powers with an All Might-style power and endurance to become the greatest deadliest threat that heroes have seen so far. Eraserhead, even after all his valuable efforts, is not able to stop Shigaraki. Gran Torino, after seeing how powerful Shigaraki has become, decides to go all out. Unfortunately, he ends up letting his guard down and pays the ultimate price. Seeing the elderly hero undefended... Shigaraki, wasting no time, power slams Gran Torino giving us a bloody spectacle. Here is the point, when Izuku witnesses Gran Torino fall by the hands of his villainous rival, he blazes up and outrageously strikes Shigaraki showing an instant power-up in One For All's usage.

This made Dragon Ball Z fans nostalgic. As many fans pointed out this particular moment in the chapter, pays a little tribute to Dragon Ball Z's legendary moment when our favourite Goku powers up into the SUPER SAIYAN form for the first time resulting as the loss of his best friend Krillin by the hands of the sadistic villain Frieza. The emotional trauma nudged Goku to his highest peak by then in the show as he unlocked his highest potential power level in the form of golden, shining, electrifying Super Saiyan form. That power helped Goku to finally defeat Frieza.

Now, what needs to be mentioned here is, Gran Torino isn't as close to Izuku as Killin was to Goku, but the loss of his mentor, kind of, allowed Deku to reach new limits of his powers against the similar sadistic villain.

As this chapter showed, with Deku now more maturely taking control over his One For All Power, it'll be exciting for fans to see how this better than before Deku faces off Plus-Ultra powered Shigaraki in an inevitable Izuku Vs Tomura fight.

All and all, fans now can't unsee the resemblance between Izuku's power up and Goku's Super Saiyan power-up, which have them wondering, could this be the milestone in My Hero Academia just as it proved out for Dragon Ball Z?

Let's wait and see.

You can read the latest Chapter 281 of Boku no Hīrō Akademia aka. My Hero Academia here —

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