Naruto and Boruto themed sports watches special limited edition to be launched by Seiko Sports

Naruto and Boruto themed sports watches special limited edition to be launched by Seiko Sports

Seiko Watch Corporation has announced the launch of a special Naruto and Boruto themed sports watch models which will be inspired by seven main characters from the popular Japanese anime franchise Naruto. The company also provided with the details of producing and regulating the batch of 6500 limited edition watches which will be available in Japan and overseas markets from 11th December onwards (each particular item will have 6500 pieces produced).

The supposed price would be around 52900 yen which roughly estimates to $510 and slightly over Rs.37000 in INR, inclusive of all taxes. The introduced watches models are mentioned and described by the company are given here below –

Naruto Uzumaki Model / SBSA092

The orange-coloured sport wristwatch revives the character of Naruto Uzumaki having its inspiration derived from Naruto’s popular Ninja outfit. The strap catches the attention by displaying the orange colour from his outfit while its bezel ring plate around the dial has the pattern showcasing the symbol of his village which is also engraved on Naruto’s headband. The pattern on the dial is the direct carnation of his Jutsu(ninja technique) ‘Rasengan’ with its spiral design on the orange base. His Nine-Tails/Kurama is also represented by the nine orange indexes while the other three indexes represent the pendant that he inherited from Tsunade, a senior Hokage of Hidden Leaf Village.

Sasuke Uchiha Model / SBSA091

Sasuke is the arguably the coolest character of the series beating Naruto and all other characters. Therefore, the watch themed n this character had to be the coolest looking watch as well. Sasuke’s image is reflected in each and every detail of this perfectly designed sports watch. His Ninja Technique/Justsu ‘Chidori’ is textured on the dial of the watch, which is separately visible on the 1 o’clock, 3 o’clock and 8 o’clock positions with the metallic-silver colour shade. His scar is also marked by the symbol on the bezel whereas the watch crown is engraved with the Clan’s unique ‘Sharingan’ sign. Uchiha Clan’s Kamon is also printed on the back of the case.

Boruto Uzumaki Model / SBSA087

The combination of Black and Pink colour on the strap represents the outfit of young Boruto. The dial has the same pattern as the Naruto’s for the same Jutsu that both father and son share, ‘Rasengan’ which he inherits from his father. The 12 O'clock index is different stands out as the bolt that is used as the animation’s logo. The Uzumaki Clan’s Kamon is printed on the back of the case.

Shikamaru Nara Model /SBSA097

Shikamaru’s attire is perfectly reflected as in this watch with the brew of the black coloured base with a greenish shade. The indexes are designed according to the shapes of pieces of his favourite Shogi game. Shikamaru’s Shadow Possession Jutsu is perfectly reflected in the dial of this watch. The Nara Clan’s Kamon is printed on the back case of this watch.

Rock Lee Model / SBSA095

The true to his style, his orange-green trademark jumpsuit, the colour combination of this sports watch makes it look trendier with green and orange stripes. On one side of it, the bezel reflects the bandages of Lee, while the other side reflects the “The Eight Inner Gates”, of which Rock Lee manages to open up till the fifth gate to obtain the ‘Hidden Lotus’. The Kanji characters of ‘guts’, found on Lee’s heavy ankle weights are printed on the back case of the watch.

Gaara Model / SBSA093

The brown case and the pressed pattern of the dial are inspired by sand, and the kanji characters of ‘love’ at the index of 1 O’clock bring Gaara and the One-Tailed sealed inside him to life. The pattern inspired by the mark on his gourd is seen on both the dial ring and case back.

Sarada Uhiha Model / SBSA089

The ‘Fire Style: Fire Ball’ Jutsu Sarada inherited from her father Sasuke is expressed in the red gradation dial. The single Tomoe mark on the 5 o’clock position indicates she is still a young Ninja in training in pursuit of improving her ‘Sharingan’. The two-tone bezel is symbolic of how she has inherited both her father Sasuke and her mother Sakura’s characteristics as a Ninja. The Uchiha Clan’s Kamon is printed on both the bezel and the case back.

This can be an exciting addition to the Naruto Fan’s merchandise collection. They all have the looks of world-class wristwatches with the reliability of brand like Seiko Watch Corporation.

Source: Seiko Watch Corporation Press Release, Crunchyroll


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