Netflix Announces A New Anime Series – Blue Eye Samurai

Netflix Announces A New Anime Series – Blue Eye Samurai

Netflix has had been giving strong competitions to the Goliaths streaming services Crunchyroll and Funimation ever since it decided to produce and stream anime shows and series of its own. With some of the massively popular releases that are wholly produced by Netflix such as Beastars and Castlevania, the streaming giant has added much more to goodwill as the powerhouse of online streaming and has made it a strong competitor of other global streaming giants.

And now with an all-new entry on the cards, Netflix has something more to present to its users. Netflix recently announced that an all-new anime show titled, Blue Eye Samurai is in the production, whereas the name of the studio is yet to be announced. Blue Eye Samurai has the popular stars such as George Takei, Masi Oka, Randall Park and Maya Erskine who will all be seen following a swordmaster, a samurai, who is seeking revenge against someone while hiding in disguise in the Edo era of ancient Japan.

The creators of series, Michael Green and Amber Noizumi said this about the upcoming anime series that will be released by Netflix soon enough –

“Our story is a larger-than-life action-adventure that would be seen taking place somewhat round 400 years ago, still the moments in The Blue Eye Samurai feel personal and the theme seems deeply inspirational.”

Netflix has released hit anime shows like Beastars, Castlevania, Carol and Tuesday, Cannon Busters and many more that have turned out to be sensational hits over the years. In addition to producing and releasing original anime of its own, Netflix has also shown interest in acquiring classic anime series such as Neon Genesis Evangelion. With already slating the return of Beastars in 2021 and an all-new anime based on Godzilla and another new anime series of Spriggan, the year 2021 will mark a strong suit by Netflix in making a name for itself in the world of anime.

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