Netflix started streaming Aggretsuko Season 3!

Netflix Season 3 Visual

What's better than watching a fun-loaded comedy anime show sitting on your bed on a rainy day? Oh! wait, on any day?

Well, if you wanna have that kind of fun... Aggretsuko is the answer for you. Aggretsuko has become a successful anime show over recent years with just three seasons. Third, being the newest hit on the internet.

Aggretsuko Season 3 is currently streaming on Netflix as of today's evening. The trailer to this amazing ride was released way back in the summers, and now the show itself is on the roll. Don't miss a moment to catch the latest episodes and hit the Netflix icon on your device screen.

The series is well received and loved by fans right since its launch in 2018, majorly for its trait of focussing on the issues of daily life that any ordinary man has to go through that makes it relatable to the general audience. The connaturality of the show makes it not just an enjoyable show but also a satire that makes it cathartic.

Aggretsuko has managed to teach everyone some lessons over the years presented in its various episodes about a character named Retsuko, a regular office worker who deals with conventional problems of every other bashing workplace. But that's not it, she has to stand against her dominating mom and pretty much any other existential crisis. To appease herself of all the misery in her life, she finds solace in a karaoke room where she screams to the death metal music to get all the cries out of her system.

Season 3 follows Retsuko after breakup which has her emotionally shattered. And just like any other adult coping up with her breakup, she loses herself into the virtual world with a boyfriend who is just another fragment of her imagination. But this season has much more than that to service. And to consume all that, you'll have to see the new season 3 of Aggretsuko.


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