New Sailor Moon VA's Excited To Join The Anime Franchise!

The official website for the two-part film Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie announced the voice cast of the four members of the Villian team, Amazoness Quartet in the film. Rena Ueda as CereCere, Sumire Morohoshi as PallaPall, Yuko Hara as JunJun and Rie Takahashi as VesVes will be lending their voice in the film.

The voice actresses posted their messages to express their excitement, on the film's official Twitter handle.

Reina Ueda, Voice Actor of CereCere wrote:

"When I was asked to join the films, I felt a lot of pressure, but I was also very happy. I spent almost every day of my childhood watching my favourite stories on the Sailor Moon DVD that my mother bought for me, and while I was watching it, I felt like I was the Sailor Guardian myself, and I couldn't help but enjoy it. I still remember many of the scenes vividly. Thinking back to my childhood when I was so absorbed in the series, I wanted to cherish the feelings I had at the time and do my best to deliver them well. CereCere-san's visuals are very feminine, soft, and glamorous, and she has a cool side that makes you feel confident and margin of her mind. I tried to play her fluffy cheerfulness very carefully. More than anything else, I felt that the four members of Amazoness Quartet, including CereCere, have received a lot of love from the audience and have continued to refine their characters. I have done my best to bring out their personalities and charms. I hope you will look forward to seeing them in films."

Sumire Morohoshi, Voice Actor of PallaPalla wrote:

"Everyone knows Sailor Moon, which has been loved by so many people since even before I was born. When I was little, I was pretty much addicted to the Sailor Moon Family Computer games we had at home. When I was asked to appear in such Sailor Moon, I felt honoured, but at the same time I felt a sense of responsibility and nervousness, like 'I needed to put all my mind to it.' I was immediately drawn to her charms from the moment I saw the early footage of PallaPalla to join an audition for the role, so I really wanted to play her. I was very happy to see my wish come true. She is in the position as the youngest sister in Amazoness Quartet, but I wanted to express her childishness and innocence to make her as the character to be loved by the audience, even though she is a villain role. I tried my best to express her personality and charm in my own way, such as speaking lispingly, changing her facial expressions so often, and expressing her emotions honestly. I hope you'll all be looking forward to it!"

Yuko Hara, Voice Actor of JunJun wrote:

"I loved Sailor Moon so much that when I was little, my parents bought me a costume and I spent the whole day playing Sailor Moon. When I heard the audition result, I was so happy. I never thought I'd be able to star in such a big production, so I was very anxious until I got the recording script. I was properly surprised one more time after receiving it (laughs). My character JunJun is a bit rough with words, but she's very passionate. I hope I can give you a character that's not just strong, but also passionate. Also, JunJun and the rest of the Amazoness Quartet members are also a circus group, so I hope we can make it fun and exciting. They are very exciting films, so please come to the theatre and let your heart buzz with excitement!"

Rei Takahashi, VA of VesVes wrote:

"The first video game I ever became obsessed with was one based on 'Sailor Moon S.' I decorated cakes and played dress-up in the game, and the BGM and screens are still etched in my mind. I never thought I'd ever be involved in Sailor Moon. I felt honoured enough to be able to audition for the role, so I was surprised and delighted at even playing it. VesVes is a striking character with beautiful and eye-catching red hair. From the ways, she uses her whip and she tames the ravenous beast, I tried to play her with passion and girlishness based on her queenly behaviour. With great care for the relationship, we made this time, the cast of Amazoness Quartet worked as one team! I myself am looking forward to seeing how the girls will move, talk, and stir up the story. I hope you'll be looking forward to the release!"

The film will be a two-part theatrical anime film. It will be adapting the Dream arc (Dead Moon in the adaption) from the manga. It will be an extension of the Sailor Moon Crystal anime series. The arc was previously converted into Sailor Moon SuperS in the '90s, but the story deviates significantly from the manga. The movie intends to be more faithful to the original story in the manga. Chiaki Kon is directing the two films. Kazuko Tadano (original Sailor Moon anime designer) is designing the characters. Kazuyuki Fudeyasu is penning the scripts. Toei Animation and Studio DEEN are co-producing the film, with Toei distributing the film.

The first film will release on January 8 2021, and the second film will release on February 11, 2021. It will mark Sailor Moon's first theatrical film in 25 years.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie teaser trailer:

Sources: Crunchyroll, Sailor Moon Official Twitter Handle

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