Now You Can Become India's First Virtual YouTuber!

Digital has become one of the most fast paced industry. Everyday there is something exciting new in this web world but, what’s even more interesting is the mixture of Technology and Entertainment and because of this innovation it has made a phenomenon called the Virtual YouTube and this gives a platform for Virtual Youtubers and now this is hitting India.

Japan’s latest trend now comes to our very own India. Digital has been the most dynamic and fastest revolving industries and, the possibilities of having found content online is simply limitless. However, in East Asia there is one trend that’s picking up and becoming a household favourite “Virtual Youtubers”. This interesting trend combines Technology and entertainment and the users are widely regarded as VTubers . They use motion capture technology in realtime to generate video, which is usually live streamed on platforms like Youtube, Twitch etc. To understand this better, think Virtual Reality (VR) meets Apple’s Animoji. This amazing trend is now coming to India Virtual Youtubers’ will be launched in the country presented by Japanese company,​ ​Ichikara Inc.​ ​under its flagship VTuber project​ NIJISANJI in​. Adding more to their global flagship Ichikara Inc. announced the launch of “​NIJISANJI in​” - their VTuber (Virtual YouTuber) chapter in India. This is the first time India will see Virtual content creators in the digital landscape and has a massive potential fuel its rapid evolution. ​The company’s India project follows the full-scale advancement released in April for China, and the recent launch in Indonesia.

What are Virtual YouTubers and why is this amazing?

To kickstart, they have opened their call to auditions for Virtual Youtuber characters that are designed specifically for the Indian market. This also means that anyone can apply - whether you’re a working professional, an artist, a university student, a homemaker etc. - if you love to entertain people and have always wanted to put your voice out there to create content that relies on your voice and personality, this is your chance to become India’s first ever Virtual YouTuber.

To start with, ​NIJISANJI in​ has announced three characters especially for India: ​Aadya​, Vihaan​ and ​Noor​. Applications for Aadya and Vihaan are now open to the public. The details on how to apply are outlined further below.

Applicants who are selected at the audition stage will get the opportunity to livestream as their new digital identity - Aadya or Vihaan! For more information and Audition click on the link below

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