One Piece Chapter 998: Review, Analysis and Breakdown

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The latest chapter of One Piece gave us some very important revelation regarding the Flying Six (Tobbi Roppo). Let's discuss, analyse and break down what went down in this chapter.

Chapter 998 of One Piece is titled, "Ancient Zoans". The cover picture shows "Enel and a Cat listening to music while lazing around."

The chapter begins where the last chapter left off. We see Onigashima Island still floating, and the underlings of Kaido are terrified by the spectacle. We then see Marco, using his Pheonix fire and calming Chopper, who realise that the fire didn't hurt. Then, Doctor Miyagi and Nurse Tristan of the Mink tribe comes running announcing that they need Chopper as they had done all the necessary preparations to produce the antibodies.

Marco is seen using his flames to calm down the battlefield which includes the Samurais and Kaido's underlings. Even though we see Queen telling the underlings that the enemy won't save them, we all know by now how the Straw Hat pirates rolls. So it's just a matter of time before Chopper makes antibodies for everyone affected by the virus that Queen made.

The action then moves on to Marco telling Zoro that he can fly him to the roof where Kaido is currently fighting the Scabbards. We then see the silhouette of Apoo who is pissed off, but before he can attack, he is intercepted by X-Drake in his full Dinosaur form and is stuck in the jaws of X-Drake, saying that if the Straw Hats consider him their ally, they should leave the floor to him.

We see Jimbe and Luffy fighting off some of the underlings, most probably the Gifters. Jinbe tells Luffy that he will stay back at the floor to fight the Gifters so that Luffy can reach to Kaido in time. We then see Franky in his General Franky robot taking on Sasaki. Then, the reveal of Sasaki's Zoan powers, along with the reveal of Who's Who and Black Maria's devil fruit are made known. Sasaki's Devil fruit is revealed as a Triceratop. Black Maria's Devil Fruit is Rosamgale Grauvogeli (Spider), Who's Who devil fruit is a Sabertooth Tiger.

We then see Page One and Ulti in their dinosaur form bursting through a wall searching for Nami and Usopp. Then we see Momonosuke having a conversation with Yamato, with Yamato revealing that Ace had come to the island a few years ago trying to kill Kaido.

This chapter had a lot of important reveals, mostly the devil fruit powers of Sasaki, Black Maria and Who's Who which until this point was not revealed. The interesting part of the reveal was that Black Maria and Who's Who's devil fruit are not based on the dinosaur (Dragon-Dragon fruit) like the rest of the Flying Six. But they are all Ancient Zoans type Devil Fruits, and including Sasaki, their transformations were all badass.

So, now we basically know who is gonna fight with each other, with Franky taking on Sasaki, Jinbe taking on Who's Who. Nami and Usopp will be taking on Page One and Ulti, the brother and sister duo who have a score to settle. The one doubt is of Sanji and Black Maria. Sanji doesn't fight Women so it will be interesting to see how Sanji overcomes his weakness, or rather someone joins in, most likely Robin and Brook who joins the fight. Luffy is on his way to Kaido and so is Zoro. So it will be a fight of epic proportions.

This was a great chapter and as we inch closer to the 1000 chapter of One Piece manga in 2 weeks time, expect a lot of awesome chapters coming our way.

One Piece chapter 999 will not be on break next week so stay tuned for the next discussion, analysis and breakdown on the chapter here on Otaku in Town.

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