One Piece Chapter 999: Review, Analysis and Breakdown

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The latest chapter of One Piece has caused huge excitement in the One Piece fandom as it revealed the devil fruit of the one and only Kaido. The chapter mainly focused on Yamato, Ace, Big Mom, and Kaido.

Chapter 999 of One Piece is titled, "The Sake I Brew While Waiting For You".

The chapter starts off with a flashback of Ace fighting Yamato on Onigashima Island. The previous chapter revealed that Kaido was on an expedition, and was not in Wano.

We get to see the talk between Ace and Yamato while they are fighting, with Ace telling Yamato why she has allowed her heart to be bound by Kaido, as they "don't get to choose their fathers!!" Yamato gets angry and reiterates that she too "want to go out to sea and have adventures!!!" And then says that "just like Oden, I want to live freely" as she cuts the neck of the dragon statue.

Ace then proceeds to punch on the dragon statue's face with his devil fruit power. After the fight, they get close to each other and drink together, ultimately becoming good friends.

We then see Yamato and discussing the young pirates that are setting out to sea. Ace replies that he's heard of "Caven-", who is probably Cavendish. He takes the name of Kidd, Law and Bege. But then he proudly proclaims that Luffy will be the most formidable of all the pirates when he sets out to sea in a few years.

Coming to the present, Yamato reveals to Momonosuke that she is Kaido's daughter. This had him scared but she calmed him so he understands what is going on. Meanwhile, Tama talks to Nami about how she wants to be a kunoichi and the promise that she had made to Ace. Nami tells Tama that Ace was Luffy’s brother.

Then, in the Dome live floor, Queen tells his subordinates to stop Marco who was taking Zoro to the roof where Kaido and Big Mom currently are. Marco tells Brook and Robin to run into the castle and then took Zoro and heads for the ceiling.

Marcon reminisces about his days with the White Beard Pirates. Ace asks Whitebeard to attack Kaido since he has a promise to fulfil. Izou and Marco explain that they only knew about Oden’s death years after it happened. After that, they talked about attacking Wano country many times but stopped since they know that there will be many sacrifices if they attack Kaido.

Ace asks Whitebeard to let him go alone. Whitebeard gets angry saying Ace is ahead of himself thinking that he can defeat a man even Oden couldn’t win against. Then he beats up Ace. Teach laughs and says he understands Ace "wants to take down a Big-Shot". Marco replies that is not what Ace is after. Marco and Izou talk to Ace, they say that as soon as Whitebeard gives the go-ahead, they will go with Ace to Wano Country.

Back to the present. King and Queen transform into dinosaurs and block Marco. Queen has guns in his mouth and shoots Marco, but bullets run through him. Queen and King say to Marco that it’s no use now, the samurai will be dead soon and, after Momonosuke is killed, the war will be over.

Marco grabs Zoro with his talons, and replies to King and Queen that " “If you think it can end that easily then you’re too naïve. What you’re fighting against is the "new era itself!!”

We then cut to Nami and Tama, with Tama in tears, now realising that Luffy is Ace's little brother and that she was harsh on Luffy back then. Nami says it's alright. She then tells that they will follow the plan Tama came up with.

We then cut again to Yamato and Momonosuke. Yamato tells Momonosuke that Ace is Gol D. Roger’s son and the “sworn brother” of Luffy. Yamto then tells Momonosuke that "Out of all the pirates in the world, the one who you found and brought to Wanokuni is Luffy. This must be the work of fate itself. After all, Luffy has a "D" in his name…!" Yamato is then seen pulling out Oden's journal.

Then the scene cut to the rooftop of Onigashima where Big Mom and Kaido are waiting for Luffy. Zeus and Prometheus ate cloud and fire so now they are back to 100% strength. Big Mom says Kaidou can kill whoever he wants but he must leave Nico Robin alive. Kaido questions Big Mom saying “Isn’t there a three-eye race girl in your crew? Can she not read the ancient letters?” Big Mom replies that she couldn't wait for her "true awakening...!!"

Big Mom asks where Kaidou intends to drop the island. Kaidou replies he’ll drop it on top of the castle, the symbol of the Kozuki clan.

Big Mom then asks Kaido, with a huge smile on her face, “So is the Road Poneglyph there?” Kaido replies saying that Big Mom is revealing her true intentions a bit too fast.

Big Mom tells Kaido to not look down on her, as she even now regards him as a younger brother. She then reveals that when the Rocks pirates fell, she was the one who gave him the “Uo Uo no Mi, mystical-type” on God Valley. Uo translates to Fish. She then says that he owes her a "life-long debt!!"

Kaido then tells to Big Mom that she can say whatever she wants, and they should deal with it after they find the "One Piece!!!"

Wow! this chapter had a huge reveal with Kaido's devil fruit powers being revealed. The one important thing not revealed about the devil fruit was what kind of type of fish-fish fruit Kaido has. The flashback of Ace was emotional and fun. We get to see how much faith he had of Luffy, and not forgetting to mention how proud of Luffy he was when talking about him with Yamato. The plan that Tama came up with is still in the dark but it might probably deal with her devil fruit powers. There were tidbits about the Rocks Pirates which we will continue to see as Oda has kept most of it a secret to us at the moment.

This was an awesome chapter with some very important information which will change the course of the war in Wano.

One Piece manga will be on break next week so the wait for the chapter 1000 is all the more excruciating. The hype is just unreal as we may get to see some very important revelations that will change the whole course of the One Piece World.

Stay tuned for the review, analysis and breakdown of the milestone chapter of One Piece manga here on OtakuinTown.

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