One Year Anniversary of Pokemon Masters!

New and Exciting updates include Name Change and New Special Outfits

One Year Anniversary of Pokemon Masters! To launch Pokemon Masters Ex on 27 August.
Pokemon Masters game visual

Pokemon Masters has completed one year since its launch. It has been dominating the global mobile game market with its exceptionally fun gameplay and deep action RPG mechanics. While the game is a grind, it is generous with its loot boxes and quality of its character pool.

On its successful first anniversary, DeNa Co Ltd has taken an uncustomary step to stress upon the degree of evolution that the game has gained over its one year run. To signify how much the game has changed since its launch, DeNa has changed the original name of the game. Pokemon Masters has transformed into Pokemon Masters EX.

Along with the name change, the DeNa Company in companionship with The Pokemon Company has announced various other content updates which include, several new sync pairs, new exciting events, new celebratory decoration will be provided for the in-game Pokemon Centre for the existing players to tour about.

Following are the latest updates announced by producers on 16th August :

Sygna Suit Cynthia - It's a special outfit that players can wear while fighting battles in the Pasio island. This sync will allow the players to show moves like 'Eyes on the Prize' which results in better critical hit rate in the moves performed by the players, and also decrease the countdown time for their various sync moves.

Legendary Event - An event named New World Dillema is featuring in this new update. In this event, players(aka trainers) will go about an adventure trip with a new character Cyrus. Cyrus is the boss of Team Galactic. Those who'll complete this adventure will be rewarded with sync pair of Cyrus and Palika in their respective teams.

A video has also been updated on their Pokemon Masters YouTube channel, where producers can be seen announcing the above-mentioned updates.

Check out the video here:

Source: The Official Pokémon Masters YouTube Channel, Pokemon Masters Game Website

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