'Pokemon Go' Gets Mega Evolutions. Gotta catch ‘em all!

Pokemon Go Gets Mega Evolutions!

Mega evolution is a temporary transformation introduced in generation 4. There are 46 species of Pokemon that are capable of mega evolution with 48 different mega evolutions. According to a Kalos legend, Lucario was the first Pokemon to have Mega evolved. The Mega evolution almost doubles the strength and changes the appearance of that Pokemon for a certain time. Pokemon will return to its original form after some limit.

The most famous Pokemon Mobile game, Pokemon Go, is an augmented reality game where players are trainers, they can catch pokemon, evolve them and battle with them against other trainers. The game’s developers Niantic, on Wednesday confirmed that Mega evolutions are coming to Pokemon Go. The Mega Evolutions will be added to the mobile game on August 27, followed by some Mega Evolution themed events throughout September.

Pokemon trainers can Mega evolve their Pokemons by using a new resource called Mega Energy which trainers can collect through special Mega raids. The faster you beat a Mega Evolved Pokemon, the more energy you will get. However, currently, only four Pokemon are getting Mega Evolution. We can now Mega evolve, Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise and Beedrill.

To keep this special and trying to avoid normalizing Mega Evolution, developers are allowing trainers to Mega Evolve only one pokemon at a time. When trainers Mega Evolve a new pokemon the current Mega evolved pokemon will go back to its normal form.

Mega evolved pokemon can battle in gyms but cannot defend them. They can be used to battle with friends but cannot compete in Go Battles. They can be used in raid battles and will grant other pokemon attack boosts.

To be honest, I’m somewhat disappointed that only 1 pokemon can be Mega evolved at a time. However, I kind of agree with developers on this. This is supposed to be a special thing. And things are special only if they are limited.

I am certain that the spawn rate will increase in future and Mega Evolution will be normalized, but that will only be speculations at this point of time. So let us know which pokemon you will choose to Mega Evolve. Charizard, I choose you.

More news will be available once the update is out. For more updates follow otakuintown.com.

Source: Pokemon Go Twitter Account

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