Pokemon Go Removes 2-Star And 4-Star Raids

Pokemon Go Removes 2-Star And 4-Star Raids
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Pokemon Go developer Niantic has announced that they will be removing tier 2 and tier 4 raid battles from the game. Both the tiers were removed because it was felt by the developers that they are in a weird position difficulty wise and the removal will make it easier to balance rewards and raiding difficulty across the game.

Here is what Niantic said via twitter:

Trainers we’ve made some changes to the raid tiers.

  • There will no longer be 2-star and 4-star raids

  • Pokemon from the 2-star and 4-star raids have been added to the tier below them respectively

  • Rewards for 1-star and 3-star raids are increased to what 2-star and 4-star raids were awarded respectively

We will be releasing a more detailed update on the changes soon. Thank you.

With the addition of mega evolutions and removal of the 2-star and 4-star raids, and a month full of events in September, Niantic is busy these days. We will keep you posted on any news or update regarding the game. Please stay tuned on otakuintown.com.

Source: Niantic Support Twitter Account, Pokemon Go Live Website


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