Sasuke To Die In Boruto's Upcoming Chapter... Or Later?

Will Sasuke Die In Near Future In Boruto?

Fans were given a little peep into the future with a fast-forward sequence about Boruto at the beginning of the series, where Boruto is seen fighting a potential enemy in the ruins of the Hidden Leaf Village. What was noteworthy in that sequence was the fact that Boruto was wearing Sasuke's headband and the sword in his hands.

The latest chapter of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations showed Boruto and Sasuke tightening their belts for the following spat against Isshiki Otsutsuki. Here, before heading into the fight, Boruto requests Sasuke for his headband with the thought of handing it back into Sasuke's hands once they are done with battling Otsutsuki.

Cheaper 49 showcased the fear of Boruto of having his body taken over by Momoshiki in the emotionally touching conversation between him and Sasuke. To this, Sasuke swears not to let that happen, by any means necessary, even if that requires him to kill anybody or to die himself. He vows to protect Boruto, nevertheless. This conversation with his father-like figure and mentor Sasuke boosts Boruto for now. Boruto asks Sasuke for another thing, his headband this time, for reassurance. Just as he did in his fight against Momoshiki. Having in mind, how Sasuke's headband helped him in his fight with the belief that to some elemental degree, Sasuke is with him all the time in the form of that band.

Sasuke hands him his headband telling Boruto about its value and how deary it is to him that Boruto must "return it in person". Boruto agrees. Right after this point, they head into the fight against Otsutsuki. The significance of this point in the story is that right before this, Sasuke reaches out to Boruto for his assistance in the fight recollecting about how incompetent he and Naruto proved out to be against Jigen when they faced him in recent past in a disagreement.

With respect to our knowledge about the future fast-forward presented to us at the beginning of the series, we witnessed Boruto getting ready to enter another phase of his fight against Kawaki by fastening his headband or should be said Sakuse's headband. To this point, the only explanation of him having Sasuke's headband and his Katana in his hands would be either Boruto's recurring urge of borrowing Sasuke's belongings to boost up his psyche for his fights against vicious adversaries, or most likely... SASUKE'S DEMISE, resulting in Boruto owning his belongings as his faithful pupil.

Nothing can be said for sure for now. But the happening of events, in a way, is setting up a stage of Sasuke's death. The future fast forward has to have some meaning. Well, whatever provided in this article is just an interpretation of the occurrences of events in the series so far.

If Sasuke is really going to die as per this theory suggests, will it be in this upcoming fight against Isshiki or will it be much later in the series?

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