Singer ELISA Accuses Manager of Sexual Assault

Singer ELISA Accuses Manager of Sexual Assault

As reported by Daily Shincho website on Wednesday, singer ELISA, well known for performing theme songs for A Scientific Railgun, Hayate the Combat Butler, The World Only God Knows, etc. was allegedly a victim of sexual harassment from her manager at the Smile Company talent management agency. The report also stated that ELISA has terminated her contract with the Company as of the end of September.

As per the report, ELISA started working with the manager around May 2018. The manager is in his late 30's with a wife and a child. He used worked related meetings as an excuse to invite ELISA out to eat, and would reportedly embrace her and kiss her while drunk. According to ELISA, she had no choice but to "suppress her feelings" and force herself to be agreeable to the manager to continue working.

ELISA stated in the interview on how the harassment escalated from that point on. during a plane flight to Hawaii for a concert in April 2019, the manager purportedly lowered his pants and said to her "I want you to suck it." After the Hawaii concert, the manager made sexual advances toward ELISA while smelling of alcohol. Later on, when ELISA was practising, the manager would reportedly interrupt her by kissing her and touching her inappropriately.

ELISA also depicted an incident, as when she moved to a different house, the manager visited to help install the appliances but forced her on top of a bed. When ELISA protested to him, asking if he knew what he was doing, the manager supposedly replied: "I'm serious."

ELISA had enough of the harassment and relayed it to the Smile Company in November last year. Both sides arguments were listened to by a lawyer. In the end, ELISA said that the company acknowledged the manager's actions but concluded that it was not sexual harassment, and suggested that it was likely a "lover's quarrel" that had consent from both sides. The company president began to avoid her, saying to her that the company "can't find a successor [to the manager]," and "It's hard to deal with talent that has a relationship with the manager." ELISA then told the company in January this year that she would quit, and her contract ended as of Wednesday, September 3, 2020.

ELISA made her debut in 2007 with the song "euphoric field", which was used as the opening theme song for Ef: A Tale of Memories anime series. She has also performed songs for Hayate the Combat Butler, The World God Only Knows, Nabari no Ou, Valvrave the Liberator, A Certain Scientific Railgun, The irregular at magic high school, Expelled from Paradise, 91 Days, and most recently, The Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These.



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