Some Interesting Facts to Introduce You With Shoto Todoroki

Shoto Todoroki is a popular character of My Hero Academia. This Half Hot- Half Cold hero is a fan favourite and one of the strongest and most mature of the children of Class 1-A of the prestigious hero training institution, UA. If you are a fan of My Hero Academia, then you must be a fan of Shoto, so don’t miss out on this article to know more facts about your favourite character.

Here are some interesting facts about Shoto Todoroki, you may or may not know –

Not Born, Created!

Shoto Todoroki is sadly nothing else but a creation out of envy of his father for All Might. Shoto has his origin as the offspring out of an agreement, as it is shown in the series. Heroes tend to marry a partner with a powerful quirk to give birth to an even more powerful child with a hybrid quirk from both parents. Shoto’s father forcibly married his mother to give birth to a powerful child and ended up snatching the childhood of Shoto in efforts of making him the number one hero.

So technically, Shoto was created out of Endeavor’s ambition and was not born out of love. Endeavor’s ambition resulted in a tragic childhood for his child.

He Has Heterochromia

Shoto has a Heterochromia syndrome, giving him his iconic pair of grey and blue eyes. Heterochromia is a condition which results in the person having two different coloured eyes, generally one of them is blue and the other one being grey.

Todoroki has the same condition. He has the blue eye on the left side of his where rests the red scar from the burn that his mother had caused when he was just a little child. Whereas, the normal right side of his bears the grey eye. Blue eye amidst the crimson shade of the face gives Shoto an unforgettable look.

A Rip Off of Zuko?

Many fans with observant eyes have theorized about the characters of both Shoto from My Hero Academia and Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender being more than similar to each other. Evidently, no anime character has ever been an archetype of any other character as they always have an inspiration in their own subconscious. Nevertheless, the aspects of both the characters have identical character elements, if you look at the history of abusive parenting, childhood traumas, burn scar(both given by one of the parents right above the left eye), both were separated from their mother since childhood and even the flames each of them carries.

Kanji Letters Of His Name – ‘Burn’ & ‘Freeze’

Kohei Horikoshi has, like other mangaka, implemented a pun in the kanji of one of his prominent characters, Shoto. The name Shoto is symbolic to his entire character and contains the kanji for the words ‘Burning’ and ‘Freezing’, resembling Shoto’s quirk of both having freezing powers on the right side of his body and power of brightly burning flames on the left side of his body.

While Shoto has a major reference with the character, Todoroki is just a widely used last name in Japan.

Forth character To Be Planned By Creators

Shoto Todoroki is the fourth character after Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugo and Ochaco Uraraka to be realized out of the idea onto the papers and finalized as a character for the show.

According to a credible report, Izuku Midoriya was obviously the very first character who was developed by the creators and Katsuki Bakugo and Ochaco Uraraka followed him. Shoto Todoroki happened to be the fourth entrant in the show after these three characters. All these four characters were designed way before the school setting was even designed.


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