Sound Director of My Hero Academia Updates Fans about Season 5

My Hero Academia is all set to make its much-awaited and anticipated comeback in the following December. Creators and the entire crew has been working all around the clock and giving it their all to make this season a great success just like the manga. Fans have really liked the latest issue of the manga and are equally excited about the anime. With the recent update on Twitter had them filled with enthusiasm even more.

Sound Director of My Hero Academia Updates Fans about Season 5

The sound director of the show, Masafumi Mima is already known for updating the fans and the whole world about the projects he is working on via social media. Here, he does the same by giving an update on the upcoming season of My Hero Academia to its fans by giving them a fresh update on Twitter. Mima has tweeted about the completion of the work on the soundtrack of the season 5 of the show along with his joy to see the fruitful outcome of the efforts of him and his team.

Masafumi Mima tweeted, “Our good work (on My Hero Academia) ended today... I totally forgot about time and immersed myself in the song selection (for season five). I'm addicted to working as it's like playing a game. It was a treat! Let's go home! Plus Ultra!”

The show still has to walk a long road to finally be ready for its release on the screens for the fans to watch it, but this latest update has definitely given fans something to be hoping for great stuff to be coming their way.

Fans have also been speculating that creators could be releasing something new on the Jump Festa as the convention would be a perfect place and event to release something new about the show and its forthcoming season.

What do you think of this update? Did it add on to your excitement? Stay tuned with otakuintown for more news and updates.

Source: Masafumi Sanma Twitter Account

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