‘Tenjiku’ A Platform For Aspiring Indian Mangaka & Artists! - Part 1

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

If you haven’t heard about Tenjiku, then as an otaku you are definitely missing out on something really cool. Did you know, there is already a magazine that publishes manga written by Indian authors and illustrated by Indian artists? Yes! That is what Tenjiku is. Tenjiku is a manga anthology, an initiative by Ananth Maruthi with a vision to create a platform where Indian authors and artists can showcase their manga. Ananth intends to unify all the talent on one platform so that synergy can be achieved and better output is derived.

The word ‘Tenjiku’ has got more than one meaning, When the Japanese first visited India for trade they were astonished. They were amazed by the bounty of nature and the standard of living. They described India as ‘Tenjiku’ (Center of Heaven) back home. That’s the reason why Ananth chose the word for his magazine.

Anant believes, India has a lot of stories to offer and Tenjiku is created to give those stories a platform. Manga has tools that can give a different dimension to stories that already exists and also for new ones.

Just like a “JUMP” edition, Tenjiku too has similar structure. Each volume has one chapter of each story and the next volume will have the following chapter. Tenjiku was just an idea that was in development until Fablery offered them to pick it up. Thus making it official. The ball was set in motion and with a few days of spreading the news on facebook anime clubs they were bombarded with scripts and art. They didn’t restrict the genre of the story, so they had a wide range of stories being submitted. One of the main challenges they faced was to filter through the scripts. While some scripts were good, the art did not do justice and vice versa. After a thorough discussion They finalized 6 stories.

  • Catena by Pranav ganapathi raju and art by Gowra hari p

  • Esper elsa by Abhilash JP and art by Gowra hari p

  • Yantra by Honeh k chillalu and by Gowra hari p

  • Yume no sekai by Rakshita gupta and by Gowra hari p

  • Game over by Viswanath subbu and viswa kat and by Gowra hari p

  • Yasei no mama by Ananth Maruthi and by Gowra hari p

The next challenge was to coordinate between the artist and writers who were thousands of miles apart. And lastly marketing the book itself. Its always tough for a pioneer to market its product. Tenjiku is right now available on amazon.in.

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Product Description:

It is an Indian Manga Initiative. The book contains six different stories from six different authors.

Product Details on Amazon.in

Paperback: 103 pages

Publisher: Fablery; First Edition edition (2016)

ISBN-10: 8192893723

ISBN-13: 978-8192893723

Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #4,83,913 in Books

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