‘Tenjiku’ A Platform For Aspiring Indian Mangaka & Artists! - Part 2

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Ananth Maruthi, the creator of Tenjiku describes it as a manga anthology containing manga created by Indian authors and artists. Unifying all the talent on one platform so that synergy can be achieved and better output is derived. Right now it is an experimental project and he wishes it to become mainstream, attracting new talent across the nation; giving birth to Indian manga written and illustrated by Indians for Indians. He believes Tenjiku is evolving organically so there is always room for improvisation. As of now all his present time is dedicated towards creating and reading manga. “My plan is to make tenjiku a monthly, like tinkle digest!” Ananth Maruthi said to Otaku In Town.

Team Behind Tenjiku

When asked about if he is happy about the response Tenjiku has received so far, he said “Yes and no! While the response from the people is great, our PR is lacking which resulted in slow awareness.“

But we all know, its not just about marketing. Somewhere it comes down to acceptance from the target audience. Indians have different attitude towards comics and most of the Indians believe that comics/anime/manga/cartoons are only for kids. This majorly affects the market. Unlike foreign countries, you would hardly see a 16 year old teenager reading a manga/comic or watching an animated/anime series or movie. But Ananth have a different take on this. He believes that the attitude of young parents towards the comics is changing. Thus, the market is healthy and growing. He believes that its just that the Manga needs to be tailor fitted in the market properly.

While Sharing his experience of Comic Cons he said “As a stall owner in 3 of the Comic Cons I can safely assure that the boom is real and growing. It is a new venue of expression.“

Tenjiku currently has 6 stories in volume 1. Check out the title and a brief synopsis of each of the stories:


(野生のママ, Wild Mama)

Writer : Ananth Maruthi Perla

Artist : Gowra Hari Perla


A mother is a mother, no matter the species. She holds within herself great primordial power.

...And it can be unleashed with rage when she needs it.


Writers: Viswanathan Subbu & Vishwa Kat

Artist : Gowra Hari Perla


Corner a cat, and you get the claws...To your face!

Now, what happens when you corner a human?


(夢の世界, World of Dreams)

Writer: Rakshita Guptha

Artist : Gowra Hari Perla


A twisted boon from a demon brings a delinquent back from the dead; back from the world of dreams beyond the veil. He now has two months to undo his regrets...To enact revenge.



Writer: Honey K Chillalu

Artist : Gowra Hari Perla


An ancient seal is broken during excavation in Mathura. Chaos spreads within minutes, feeding the unleashed evil. But, an equally powerful force is also awoken — an ancient cursed man. Can humanity depend on him?


Writer: Abhilash Jayprakash Paraikkal

Artist : Gowra Hari Perla


An "ESPer" is an individual capable of telepathy, telekinesis, and other extraordinary paranormal abilities. So, what happens when an ESPer decides to loot a bank for amusement? Elsa — a teenager, and also an ESPer now — must take on the challenge to stop him.


Writer: Old Man Windbreaker (Pranav Ganapathiraju)

Artist : Gowra Hari Perla


"Catena". It is an old Latin word, meaning "chain". It still finds use in modern English, in words like "concatenate" — meaning "to connect or link in a chain". Sam and Vishnu become intimately acquainted with this concept. On an average day, upon waking up to go to college, these two roommates find themselves chained to each other, by forces unknown and invisible.

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