The 51st Seiun Sci-fi Winners Revealed!

The 59th Japan Science Fiction Convention (Nihon SF Taikai) has announced the winners of the 51st Seiun Awards. The awards this year were again given in nine categories: Japanese Novel, Japanese Short story, Translated Novel, Translated Short Story, Art, Non-Fiction, Story, Media, Comic and a free category.

Astro Lost In Space Visual

Astra Lost in Space, the television adaptation of Kenta Shinohara's original manga, won the "Best Media" award.

Downman Sayman's "How many Light-Years to Babylon?" and Masato Hisa's "Batman Ninja" manga both won the "Best Comic" award.

Issui Ogawa's "Signpost to the Stars" won the "Best Japanese Long Story" award.

Hiroe Suga's Mizu no Tsuki (Invisible Moon)" won the "Best Japanese Short Story" award.

Liu Cixin's Japanese translation of "The Three-Body Problem" won the "Best Translated Long Story" award (translated by Nozomi Ohmori, Toya Tachibana, Sakura Mitsuyoshi and Wan Zai).

Greg Egan's Japanese translation of "Uncanny Valley" short story won the "Best Translated Short Story" award (translated by Makoto Yamagishi).

Tetsuya Miyazaki's "NHK's Hyappun De Meicho ("100 minutes on a famous book"): Sakyo Komatsu Special "Mythology in the Age of Godlessness" won the "Best Non-Fiction" award.

The Event Horizon Telescope collaboration's first-ever image of a black hole won the "Free" award", and Yuko Shiraishi won the "Best Artist" award.

The 59th Japanese Science Fiction Convention attendees of F-CON in Fukushima voted on the winners. The ceremony for the winners will take place on March 13-14, 2021 (delayed from August 22-23, 2020 due to Covid-19 pandemic) "Seiun" in Japanese means "Nebula". It is similar to the Hugo Award where the attendees of each convention votes for the winners. It is the oldest SF award in Japan, that was first given in 1970 at the 9th Japan Science Fiction Convention and has since been awarded every year.

Sources: ANN , The 59th Japan Science Fiction Convention


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