The Ending To One-Piece Is Finally Decided!

Eiichiro Oda the creator of one of the most entertaining anime despite being one of the longest-running anime of all time, has made several claims about the ending of his hit anime One Piece on corresponding several incidences. And for yet another time, he has made a statement about the ending of One Piece in the near future.

Eiichiro, back in September 2019, in an event, said that show had only about 5 years left now in the One Piece manga. And now in an interview with Japanese megaband Arashi, on their show Arashi Tsu Bro, he has solidified his last year's claim by confirming that series will only go on for another 4 to 5 years now.

The Ending To One-Piece Is Finally Decided!
Picture from Arashi Tsu Bro Show

What made this statement more believable was Eiichiro stating some bits about the ending. On the show, Eiichiro made known that the ending of the show has already been decided.

He went on saying that the ending has also been given to the editors to work upon and shape the manga in the mentioned way. And how one of the editors exclaimed 'Awesome!' while reading the ending and affirming Eiichiro how well he had thought about how the show should end.

Greg Werner posted the entire interview session of Eiichiro with Ashira in the Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine office on his official twitter handle. You can read the entire thread of his tweet here–

What do you think, Wano arc is decisively taking One Piece to its historic climax, or the show still has more to present to its fans?

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Source: Tweet Thread by Greg Werner


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