The New Prince of Tennis: Hyōtei vs. Rikkai Anime Reveals Cast Member, Visual

The New Prince of Tennis: Hyōtei vs. Rikkai Anime Reveals Cast Member, Visual

The official Twitter account for The New Prince of Tennis (Shin Tennis no Ōji-Sama), the upcoming two-part all-new original anime to be produced as the 20th-anniversary project for The New Prince of Tennis anime franchise, announced on Tuesday that Junya Enoki will play Yoshio Tamagawa in The New Prince of Tennis: Hyotei vs Rikkai Game of Future anime. It will be the character's first appearance in The Prince of Tennis anime series. The account also revealed a new visual.

The tagline attached to the visual is "A dream match that connects their thoughts."

The anime will open in two parts between February and March 2021.

The anime will tell an original story featuring "Hyōtei vs. Rikkai." The anime will mark the first time that the two schools are facing off against each other. Takeshi Konomi (Prince of Tennis manga author) is supervising the match-making for the anime.

The story Description is as follows:

"After the U-17 World Cup, the players returned to their respective daily life. At Hyotei Academy, Hiyoshi, who had taken over the role of captain, and the second-year students including Otori and Kabaji are running the club, while the third-year students watch over them.

Meanwhile, the Atobe zaibatsu builds a new tennis court in Shonan, and Atobe nominates the most appropriate school to play against in an exhibition match, Rikkaidai Junior High School. With the hardships that they had at the national tournament in mind and a newfound determination as a challenger, not as a champion, Yukimura and other members accepts Atobe's challenge to share their feelings with the club's next-generation, Kirihara and others.

Hyoutei and Rikkai were unable to face each other in the previous tournament. This will be the last game for the third-year students, and the second-year students have to carry the future on their shoulders. The dream game that their thoughts and feelings intersect begins...!"

Keiichiro Kawaguchi is directing the anime. Mitsutaka Hirota is writing the script, and Akiharu Ishii is designing the characters.

Konomi serialized The Prince of Tennis manga's original run in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine from 1999 to 2008. The manga follows middle school tennis player Ryōma Echizen as he battles rivals to reach the national tournament. That original manga inspired a 2001-2005 television anime, two anime feature films and a theatrical short, various video anime projects, a live-action film, a live-action television series in China, and a popular stage musical series.

A sequel to the manga series, entitled New Prince of Tennis, was announced in the December issue of Jump Square, published on November 4, 2008. The series began serialization in Jump Square on March 4, 2009. The story is set several months after the end of the first manga and features Ryoma returning to Japan after his stay in America. This ongoing sequel manga spawned its own 2012 television anime series The Prince of Tennis II. The Prince of Tennis II OVA vs. Genius 10 series than ran for five volumes from October 2014 to June 2015.

Source: Shin Tennis no Ōji-SamaAnime Official Twitter Account, ANN

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