The Rising Of The Shield Hero 2nd Season To Premiere In 2021

The Rising Of The Shield Hero 2nd Season To Premiere In 2021

At the Virtual Crunchyroll Expo Event, the staffs of The Rising of The Shield Hero announced at a panel, with a new trailer and visual that the 2nd season of the show will premiere in 2021.

The panel included series composition writer, Keigo Koyanagi, character designer Masahiro Suwa, and producer Junichiro Tamura. They revealed a key visual. They had planned to reveal a new promotional video but instead, the official English Twitter account for the anime revealed the video after the panel ended.

It was also announced that the fans of the series will be able to get their hands on The Rising of the Shield Hero Staff Memorial Book, with pre-orders starting from today.

Tamura stated during the panel that the staff will try not to have a long wait between seasons two and three of the show since he knows fans have been waiting for a "long time" between seasons one and two. Tamura also announced that the wait for the third season will not be as long as the wait between the first two seasons.

The first season of the anime first aired from January 9, 2019, to June 26, 2019, with 25 episodes.

Source: Crunchyroll Expo, Shield Hero Official Twitter Account


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