Toei's Spider-Man to Appear in Spider-Verse Sequel

All the anime fans couldn’t contain their excitement when Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse producer Phil Lord confirmed on Twitter that Toei's take on the classic comic book superhero will appear in the film's sequel. Not only has Japanese spider man written but, he is designed and this has been confirmed by Lord.

Not many are aware but, this Marvel Superhero had already been premiered in the Late 70’s and had a great run for over 40 Episodes. This lesser-known live-action special effects take on the superhero would take on evil Iron Cross Army as the alter-ego of Takuya Yamashiro. His powers collided with power rangers and Kamen Rider than America's Peter Parker. Toei's Spider-Man has also appeared in the Amazing Spider-Man comic's 12th issue.

The movies Japanese also shared their experience about the wholesome process in the Japanese Magazine CG world. A sequel has already been started to work on and is targeting to hit the screen on April 8 2020.

Source : ANN

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