Tokyo Comic-Con To Be Held Online in December!

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

Tokyo Comic Con Logo and Tokyo Comic Con Digital Map
Tokyo Comic Con 2020!

The word has dropped from the organising staff of Tokyo Comic-Con on this Thursday, on their official website, about the much-awaited event hitting floors on December 4th to December 6th. This was originally supposed to be a physical event, just as it had been held before, and was scheduled for April 2020. But with the effects of current Covid-19 disease, the staff has now transported the event to the online stage.

The Chiba's Makuhari Messe event hall, which was initially booked for the event to be held would still be having the virtual stream via online live streams. Events will steam live on 'Official Tokyo Comic-Con' website —

There will be events like Stage Presentation, Cosplays, Exhibitions, an Artist gallery and an EC area. Although these aforementioned areas and events will be free to stream. Viewers can also pay 500 yen to subscribe and stream for the "Premium Content".

Source website - ANN,

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