Tomura Shigaraki: How Well Do You Know The Ultimate Villain Of MHA?Interesting Facts

My Hero Academia introduces its viewers with some spine shaking villains that have ever moved on the screens or have been looked at in the comics. With the likes of ultimate baddy All for One, overnight sensation Hero Killer Stain and the infamous leader of the League of Villains Tomura Shigaraki, MHA becomes a series with the most unique and diverse set of villains in recent anime. Tomura Shigaraki was introduced very early in the series and had been terrorizing the young heroes ever since.

If you think you know this notorious villain to his bones, these are some facts that can prove otherwise.

  • Tomura Killed His Own Entire Family

Following a direly abusive past, young Tomura held angst for his father for all the bruises he gave his child, while the rest of the family stood by and did nothing for the boy. Shigaraki’s father disgusts all the heroes for his belief that they can even abandon their own families for the sake of saving complete strangers; and with nothing else to do, he lashes out on his little child to lay out his frustration against the heroes.

After his quirk manifested and in no control of it yet, young Tomura goes on decaying his entire family including his mother, his father, his grandparents and his sister. Young Tomura, however, with no comprehension of what happened by his murderous hands could no longer be the same child he used to be.

  • He’s The Grandson of All Might’s Former Master

Tomura has always found it hard to cope up with the fact that he, himself is a descendant of one of the previous wielders of the ultimate quirk of One For All, Nana Shimura. Nana Shimura was the one who passed the One For All onto Yogi Toshinari (All Might).

The fact that she left her family which gradually turned Kotaro, Shigaraki’s father into a very bitter man also kept troubling Tomura in the depth of his heart. This could be called as the primal reason for the hatred that Tomura holds inside of him against All Might.

  • Tomura’s Real Name Is…?

Tomura Shigaraki plays as a stage name for the villainous entity created by All For One for his future ventures, which was given to the young, very innocent ‘Tenko Shimura’.

The ultimate villain of the series, All For One, gave this villainous name to young Tenko Shimura as if he had kept carrying his original name, All Might had a better chance of figuring out Shigaraki’s true identity much sooner than he did.

  • Tomura Shigaraki Holds One Of The Most Destructive Quirks

Shigaraki’s debut in both the manga and anime marked his loud appearance along with his henchmen and sidekicks where he attacked the UA High School at the USJ training. It is here that Tomura first puts his quirk on the display against Erasurehead.

Tomura has the quirk called ‘Decay’ which is appropriately named as he can disintegrate anything he touches and that includes living humans as well. His quirk is made even more devastating and freakishly strong when he realizes that he can destroy anything and turn it into ashes without any direct contact if he is highly motivated for that. Earlier it was believed that he needed to touch something with his all 5 fingers of the hand. Tomura carries this original quirk of his throughout the almost of the series.

  • Why All The Hands Around His Body…?

When Tomura Shigaraki first made an appearance, everyone questioned all the hands that held his body. At first, it seemed as if these were there to just give him a confusing and horrifying look for he is the villain of the show after all. But did you know the hands actually serve a purpose to this ominous villain?

The hands are the first people Tomura ever killed. The one on his face is his father's (the other one had originally been on the back of his head, but that had been destroyed). The ones around his neck belonged to his mother. His grandfather's hands are on his upper arms, while the grandmother's hand can be spotted on his elbows. The ones around his wrist belong to his sister, even though they don't really look like a child's hands. The hands basically are there to remind Tomura of all the people he has murdered by far.

  • Shigaraki Has More Than One Quirk. Here They Are –

Shigaraki has now taken over as the ultimate villain of My Hero Academia after his master All For One. To make his accomplice much stronger than he already is, All For One gifted some of the most powerful quirks that he has had stolen throughout his life from the heroes he had defeated.

Although Tomura majorly uses the quirk of his own, ‘Decay’, he enjoys multiple quirks which he has primarily used in the series for creating the wardogs of his own which are given the names of ‘Nomu’. Tomura can also use these quirks as his own whenever he wishes to. There can be many quirks that Shigarak actually holds, however, those that are confirmed by either manga or anime thus far are mentioned below for you –

  • Super Regeneration

  • Radio Waves

  • Search (stolen quirk from Ragdoll, a member of Wild Wild Pussycats)

  • Super Air Canon

  • All For One

All of the abovementioned quirks were stolen by All For One at some point in time in past from several people, some of who are disclosed neither in manga nor anime; and later on, passed on to Shigaraki Tomura by All For One.

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