Top 10 Quotes From Attack On Titan Season 4 Episode 5!

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The latest episode of Attack on Titan Finale season is doing quite a buzz. The hashtag #DeclarationOfWar was even trending on Twitter, which created some confusion and fear among the non-anime watchers. But for AOT followers episode 5 has produced an even bigger excitement for the upcoming episodes.

The reason for this hype is not just the cliffhanger ending, but the build-up that the episode has created. The episode slowly and steadily takes up the pace, while the background score combined with intimidating sequence and the Theatrical performance of Willy Tybur which reveals the truth about King Fritz and declares Eren as an enemy of humanity, sets the stage for the upcoming war. But what stands out most is the conversation between #Eren and #Reiner witnessed by #Falco.

We have sorted some best quotes from the episode which gave us goosebumps when they were delivered from the respective characters.

Here are the top 10 quotes from episode 5 of the finale season of Attack on Titan, that stands out the most!

10. "If we work together we can overcome any obstacle in our way!" - Willy Tybur

9. "Lend me your strength, those of you who wish to live! those of you who wish for the future!" - Willy Tybur

8. "But you guys were thaught everyone in the walls was a devil. You were children who knew nothing but it was drilled into you. You were just kids, what could you even do?" - Eren Jaeger

7. "We are people of different races and nations! However, it is time to join as one and face the dreadful enemy." - Willy Tybur

6. "As I thought, I am the same as you. I think we were born this way. I keep moving forward until I destroy my enemies." - Eren Jaeger

5. "True, I saw everyone on the other side of the sea as my enemy, but then I crossed the sea, slept under the same roof as them, ate the same food... Reiner, I am same as you!" - Eren Jaeger

4. "I see... If it was to save the world, you didn't have much choice?" - Eren Jaeger
3. "I wanted to be a hero! I wanted people's respect" - Reiner

2. "Here and now, as a representative of Marleyan Government, I proclaim to the enemy forces of Paradis, a declaration of War!" - Willy Tybur

1. "That's right, it's like Willy Says, I am the bad guy. I might destroy the world. But to me, you were the bad guys too." - Eren Jaeger

Which is your favourite quote, let us know in the comment section below!

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