Top 5 Hunter X Hunter Characters By Otaku In Town

The rumours of Hunter X Hunter returning has been around the corner for a while now and we are excited to resume things where we left. Thinking back we had some powerful and worth mentioning characters in the anime and I thought I should rate some of them based on popularity, impact on the storyline and of course strength. So without any dues let’s hop into the list.

Killua Zoldyck:

Killua Zoldyc: Top 5 Hunter X Hunter Characters By Otaku In Town

Killua was meant to be the second protagonist but ended up as an equal to the protagonist. The usual shady anti-hero personality and questionable methods that we see in the second protagonist like Vegeta, Sasuke, Kai etc, are the traits of Killua as well. He comes from a family of assassins and has no problem with killing. The protagonist Gon is the first best friend he makes and the only person whom he shows loyalty to. Oh yes, he stabbed his mother and ran away from his house. So you get it. Based on popularity he’s always been more popular than anyone in the show. And strength wise he comes in top 10 easily. For starters, he is resistant to any kind of poison and can bare any kind of torture, thanks to his dark upbringing. He is a transmuter. He’s got assassin mode, godspeed and yo-yo that weighs more than 50 kilos. He without any contenders takes the first spot on this list.


Meruem: Top 5 Hunter X Hunter Characters By Otaku In Town

The ant king is the most powerful character from the Anime and one of the most popular ones too. He lived for 45 days but had an impact like someone who’s been there from day 1. The whole chimaera ant arc revolves around him and that’s not hype wasted. He lived up to it. His evolution from an evil spirit to understanding humans and thinking of changing was heartwarming. So is his relationship with Komugi. If only he lived long enough to get a chance to change completely. Strength wise he is the most powerful character. He is a specialist with an aura that of a demon. He has unique nen abilities.

Hisoka Morow:

Hisoka Morow: Top 5 Hunter X Hunter Characters By Otaku In Town

If there’s one character everybody loves in this show, it has to be Hisoka. He is a transmuter as well. He is a selfish, ruthless, power lusted, sociopathic monster. However, that doesn’t stop him from being one of the most loved characters. He’s that well written. His basic reason to live is to fight powerful characters and beat them or wait until someone becomes a challenge. He works entirely for his motives and can easily use people and manipulate them if needed. He is a transmuter and his nen ability of bungee gum is unique. He uses it for both offence and defence which is crazy good.

Gon Freecss:

Gpoon Freecss: Top 5 Hunter X Hunter Characters By Otaku In Town

Despite being the protagonist of the anime, Gon ended up at 4th position but that doesn’t mean he is any less of a character. He is just as good as they come. He is strong, calm, soft and somewhat dumb. But when it comes to battle, he is a genius. He is driven by the goal to meet his father who left him to become a hunter. This is also the central theme of the show. He is fearless and has an impact on everyone he meets. He’s got the amazing scent and great speed. He is an enhancer and got brute strength. That combined with his battle intellects and driving force makes him one of the most powerful characters from the show.

Chrollo Lucifer:

Chrollo Lucifer: Top 5 Hunter X Hunter Characters By Otaku In Town

The leader of the organization called Phantom troupe with criminals, thieves and murderers lands 5th on this list. He is silent all the time. He is a mastermind when it comes to battle. Despite being strong and at a place where he can use anyone to his will, he is loyal to his troupe members and considers them as his family. Which is why they’re equally loyal to him without any other agendas. Except for Hisoka that is. He is one of the strongest characters from the anime. In the manga, he fights with Hisoka and almost kills him. He is that strong. He is a specialist and his nen ability is unique as well. He can steal and use other’s nen abilities. He is hands down one of the best antagonists from the show and my personal favourite too. Oh, not to forget, he is very popular among female weebs.

That’s our top 5 characters from Hunter X Hunter. Please let us know your favourite ones in the comment section below. Maybe we will then dissect the characters for you too! Also, make sure to follow us everywhere. Stay tuned on


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