Top 5 Lesser-known Dragon Ball Facts

If you asked any kid about his/her favourite Anime list, I’m pretty sure they will include Dragon Ball in their top 5. There is literally no one who doesn’t know the world-famous Anime. We all grew up watching it. And we are familiar with everything related to the show. But there are a few things that only a few people know. We want to give you the top 5 lesser-known facts of Dragon Ball franchise. So without any further delay, let’s go through the list.

  • The Anime was named as Dragon Boy:

Yes before the Anime went official as Dragon Ball, it was named as Dragon Boy. And the story was pretty different too. It was meant to be about a slave boy who could tame a dragon. And his name was meant to be Tanton. Though the story is intriguing, I honestly prefer it the way it was made.

  • It is an inspiration for a famous celebrity:

Many celebrities watched and loved dragon ball. And everyone’s very open about it. But I really felt proud when I came to know the famous Tennis player, Rafael Nadal is a huge Dragon ball fan. He is always open about it and has said in many interviews that he used to rush back home from school to watch new episodes of the Anime. Cool right? I know.

  • Olympics:

The next Olympics are to be held in Tokyo, Japan. As a part of their culture, they picked a few anime characters to promote the Olympics and to use in the opening ceremony. And what better character to choose than Goku? Right. Goku strives to be stronger every day. This is backed up his constant training and hard work. He inspires people. And people entering the tournament can use some. Now the whole world will look at Goku Mascot in the Olympics.

  • Super Saiyan Hair colour:

When asked about why Akira Toriyama chose yellow for super Saiyan hair, he said that choosing other colours would need him to ink the hair and it is really hard to do. Not to mention more time taking. By leaving it white (In Manga) it was easier to complete the story and submit it to Shonen Jump magazine in time. Eventually, when the Manga was animated into series, the white hair was filled with golden yellow. Pretty awesome how sometimes laziness makes things awesome.

  • Goku's soul:

It is believed in Japan that children are eyes of society. And by keeping them pure, society will be pure as well. Akira, to some extent, took this as an inspiration for his character Goku, which is why Goku seems to be unaware of things at times. He’s dumb at times due to his purity in the heart like children. Also, Akira feels like he is Goku to some extent. Like Goku doesn’t stay with his family and wants to just get stronger, ignoring his family and needs of his family, Akira Toriyama also had issues with work and personal life balance and felt he had ignored his family. Like Artist Like character.

These are the few lesser-known facts about the Dragon Ball franchise. If we missed any we would love to hear them from you. Please follow us on every social media platform. And stay tuned on our website for further updates, news, top 5 and theories and pretty much everything related to Anime. Peace out!


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