Top 5 Naruto Shippuden Opening Themes

Top 5 Naruto Shippuden Opening Themes

Naruto as we know is a very iconic anime. As a kid, I used to watch it on cartoon network and then picked it up online once Shippuden started. In a way, I grew up watching the gutsy ninja and I used to get inspired by the never give up attitude by our beloved Hero. There are far too many moments from the show that made us all laugh, cry, heartbroken, jump in joy and everyone will agree with me when I say that this anime is a complete package of everything that you will ever need in an Anime. There are many Anime that has Iconic themes that are our favourites and despite the language barrier we try to sing along and Naruto Shippuden is no different. It has many awesome themes. The below are our Favorite picks and may include yours too, so let’s get into the list.

Silhouette by Kana Boon:

This is the 16th opening of Naruto Shippuden, it ran from episode 380 - episode 405. We have this gem of a song taking the number 1 spot. This opening has everything, from Naruto running as a child to becoming an adult, there’s tons of action such as Madara vs Kage, Sasuke’s Susanoo riding naruto's Kurama and shooting Indra's arrow, Harshirama and Madara's fight and ends with Naruto shaking hands with Jinchuriki Obito. Besides the action-packed visuals, the melody of this music that’s pleasant, the catchy lyrics and the vocals that are so great take away the top spot on this list.

Blue Bird by Ikimano Gakari:

The opening Blue Bird starts with a Blue Bird and visuals of Naruto who just met Sasuke after so long and Naruto realizing how cold Sasuke has become and wonders if there’s any good left in him. Then the Blue Bird flies to change visuals with it, from title card to different characters. It also shows Naruto falling from sky referring to him feeling down due to Sasuke’s change. We also see Asuma and team fighting with Hidan and Kakuzu, Sasuke with Orochimaru and this ends with Naruto lifting a feather of the Blue Bird after falling from the sky. The excellent vocals, the music that reminds us of silhouette but stands out in its own way and the awesome visuals make this opening take the second spot on this list.

Hero’s comeback by NobodyKnows plus:

Naruto and the gang return after 2 years of time skip and the creators are ready to introduce us to them. Hero’s comeback does a bang-up job of opening the show after 2 years. It opens with visuals of Naruto walking towards sunrise and then we get to see a few familiar characters that accepted Naruto despite carrying nine tails. We then get to see Naruto's grin after 2 years which is my favourite visual in the opening. We then see team 7 with sai running and closing the distance between them and Sasuke. We then see Gaara extending his hand, indicating that the first arc could be based on him. We also get an awesome glimpse of Akatsuki members that were shown until then. Unlike other songs on this list, Hero’s comeback is more uplifting, has a unique backdrop and the genre is different too. The lyrics are so catchy that I can sing along with the singer. The unexpected rap mixed with rock music takes the icing on the cake! This is my personal favourite and for many others too which is why this had to make the list.

Sign by Flow:

I realize that screaming pain, hearing loud in my brain but I’m going straight ahead with the scar. We know. The lyrics are heartbreaking. But If you’re watching the series for the second time, the visuals are equally heartbreaking. By this point of time in the Anime, we’re made aware of the outcome of Pain vs Jiraiya and Itachi vs Sasuke. Heck, this opening ends with both Naruto and Sasuke visiting graves of their beloved ones that they lost. At this point, Naruto is able to understand Sasuke because he finally lost someone who he loved. Like how Sasuke lost his family. And Sasuke has gone completely rogue after knowing the truth about Itachi and vows to destroy hidden leaf. To make things even worse, with Itachi dead now Obito orders Pain to go after Naruto. All this is given as hints in form of visuals, the lyrics that are easily understandable and relatable and also being absolutely fan favourites this heck of an opening theme takes the spot in top 5.

Diver by Nico touches the walls:

The lyrics of this opening are great and feels uplifting after seeming slightly dark at the beginning like other openings by Nico touches the walls. The music suits well for the lyrics and can be noticed when needed and blend in with visuals perfectly. But the visuals of this opening alone carry this to top 5. We see Naruto drowning in water with Akatsuki members watching, showing he’s going through tough times, and then Sasuke comes and looks into Naruto's eyes and uses Chidori on him, this refers to the additional burden Sasuke has become to Naruto causing to lose it and starts drowning further deep. But Sakura, Kakashi, Yamato and Sai and friends from the leaf have his back and they all push him out of the water. The water here is misery and loneliness. And Naruto now confident ties his headband and look at the water, only to see Sasuke going even deeper in the water. The chilling moment is, as soon as Sasuke goes deep he opens his eyes activating his Mangyekyo Sharingan. We then see Naruto diving into the water again, referring to his determination to save Sasuke from the darkness. I mean who doesn’t love this? Right!

We have 2 more favourites that unfortunately didn’t make the cut, but we love them. The Jinchuriki countdown and Bijuu countdown. They’re co catchy and once you start singing them, there’s no going back.

So these our favourite Top 5 opening themes of Naruto Shippuden. Please let us know your favourite top 5. For more top 10 and top 5 lists, Follow us on otakuintown.


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