Overseas Tourists Are Now Given Ninja Missions In Dembo-in Dori Shopping Street In Japan!

Tokyo, Japan - Panasonic Corporation have started a unique event for the overseas tourists visiting the country. The company have collaborated with Asakusa's Dembo-in Dori East Shopping Association for the event called "Ninja's Mission with LinkRay".

The event aims to make the sightseeing experience of the tourists more fun and entertaining. The plan is centered around the Shiranami Gonin Otoko, 5 thief characters appearing on the kabuki stage. By using Panasonic’s “LinkRay” app on light boxes near the thieves, users will be rewarded with digital content themed around Japanese culture. Each box contains a different favor, so tourists can check out different shops and experience the unique atmosphere of Asakusa while collecting the favor content.

Meanwhile, ninjas keep of appearing in the shopping zone to explain the details of the event and the LinkRay app to the tourists. The event is being held to overcome the language barrier for the tourists as the number of overseas tourists continues to grow in the time frame leading up to 2020.

Panasonic will utilize LinkRay as a new form of communication, and with 2020 approaching, LinkRay will be available in airports, train stations, and other sightseeing locations to offer services and new solutions for breaking down the language barrier for overseas tourists.

"Ninja's Mission with LinkRay" event started on December 26, 2017 and will run until January 31, 2018 at Asakusa's Dembo-in Dori (East Side) / Dembo-in Dori East Shopping Association. The event is organized by Panasonic Corporation, Tokyo, Japan, in collaboration with Dembo-in Dori East Shopping Associaltion, KAYAC Inc.

For more details visit Ninja's Mission home page: https://ninjas-mission.com/

Source : news.panasonic.com

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