Very less interesting facts about Pikachu

Very less interesting facts about Pikachu

Pokemon is one of the most famous Anime of our time and the most loved Pocket monster is Pikachu. The 25th Pokemon on Pokedex is the star of the show. But there are few interesting facts that are less known to people about our beloved Mouse pokemon. Let’s hop into the list to know them.

  • Its name has an English translation: Fans absolutely love the name Pikachu. But very few know that it has an English translation. The “Pika” is a sound of electricity in japan while 'Chu' means “mouse”. Together they mean electric mouse. Quite a literal right?

  • Topeka, Kansas was named as Pikachu: The town’s Mayor Joan Wagnon could’ve been a huge Pokemon fan. He changed the name of the town from Topeka to Pikachu for one whole day in 1998. Wholesome fact alert!

  • Ash's Pikachu was voiced by the one who voiced Konohamaru: Ikue Otani is one of the most famous voice actors from Japan. The actor Voiced Pikachu and then went on to voice characters like Konohamaru, chopper from one piece.

  • Pikachu loves Tomato ketchup: In the Anime, on multiple occasions, it has been shown that Pikachu loves Tomato ketchup and there are countless threads on Rediff and memes on the internet proving the weird but cute obsession of our favourite yellow mouse.

  • Pikachu can be used as starter Pokemon in Pokémon Go: Usually in. Pokemon games there are only 3 starter Pokemons, 1) Charmander 2) Squirtle 3) Bulbasaur. It is the same with PoGo as well. However, players can choose not to pick any of the three and run away constantly from the 3 long enough and Pikachu will appear. Players can catch the Pikachu and start their Pokedex. Cool!! Thanks, PoGo.

Bonus facts because we love our followers

  • Ash's Pikachu has a name in Manga. It is Jean Luc.

  • Pikachu is Ash's only electric type Pokemon

  • Female Pikachu has a notched tail ending.

  • Pikachu wasn’t supposed to be the Mascot of Anime. Clefairy was supposed to be one.

  • There is a protein named after Pikachu

These are some rare and unknown facts about Pikachu. We’ll be back with more interesting facts about Anime every week. So stay tuned on our website for more fun and informative stuff. See ya.

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