Virtual Crunchyroll Expo's Full Schedule Announced!

Virtual Crunchyroll Expo's Full Schedule Announced!
Virtual Crunchyroll Expo 2020

Crunchyroll Expo 2020 has announced the full schedule for the event that will start from September 4-6. This year's event is free of cost and is going completely online.

Adam Sheenan, Director of Crunchyroll Events gave commented:

“What I think sets Virtual Crunchyroll Expo apart is the overall feeling that it's more than just a live stream on YouTube,” said Sheehan. “On top of great programming, V-CRX has a Shopping District full of online exhibitors, an Arts District full of amazing artists from all over the world. In addition to that, there are things for fans to engage with like our Onyx Equinox scavenger hunt and Yuzu's Cat Café over in our Super Arcade. This is just a taste of what we have planned for Virtual Crunchyroll Expo coming up in just a few weeks!”

Mary Franklin, Crunchyroll's Head of Events commented on V-CRX's accessibility to many different people around the world:

“Thinking about our fans all over the world was one of the main reasons we worked to develop V-CRX On Demand,” she explained. “From 10:00 am Pacific on Friday, September 4 to 10:00 am Pacific on Monday, September 7, attendees can enjoy content non-stop, 24 hours per day. We wanted fans to be able to take in the show during convenient times wherever they live. Also, because we have multiple live streams during the show, V-CRX On-Demand will let them catch shows they missed while watching something else.”

Virtual Crunchyroll Expo will be introducing the New Crunchy City, consisting of four different districts -

Anime Arts District: The attendees will get access to the artist alley that will feature over 150 artists complete with special offers that will be unique to the weekend event.

Central Shopping District: It will feature exhibitions, with V-CRX having its take on it and with some of the biggest names participating.

Theater District: Each day on the event from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm Pacific Time, various contents will be ready to be watched, ranging from big events and panels. The CR stage and the Hime Stage will be found here. The Hime Stage will also be hosting the Crunchyroll-Hime's Cosplay Cup.

Super Arcade: It will feature Yuzu's Cat Cafe along with the Quiet Room to chill and relax. Attendees will also be able to get their hands on a special virtual schwag.

The Yuzu Stage will feature fan panels and more. The full schedule is as follows:


10:00 am (Crunchyroll Stage): Cast from Rent-a-Girlfriend Q&A with Sora Amamiya, Aoi Yuki, Nao Toyama, Rei Takahashi

10:15 am (Hime Stage): Dr STONE Focus Panel with Shusuke Katagir

10:15 am (Sudachi Stage): Toei Animation presents: One Piece: Episode of Chopper - The Miracle Winter Cherry Blossom with a Special Voice Actor Showcase

10:45 am (Crunchyroll Stage): Monster Girl Doctor Panel with VA Shunichi Toki

12:00 pm (Crunchyroll Stage): Crunchyroll Originals Presents: Making of Onyx Equinox

12:30 pm (Hime Stage): A Conversation with Patrick Seitz

1:15 pm (Sudachi Stage): Inuyasha to Yashahime: A Journey Through Time

1:15 pm (Crunchyroll Stage): Crunchyroll Originals Presents: EX-ARM Panel with VA Soma Saito and Director Yoshikatsu Kimura

1:30 pm (Hime Stage): How to Run an Anime Club

2:30 pm (Crunchyroll Stage): Crunchyroll Games Industry Panel

2:30 pm (Sudachi Stage): Aniplex of America Industry Panel

2:45 pm (Hime Stage): Professional Athletes of Anim

3:30 pm (Sudachi Stage): GKIDS Industry Panel

3:45 pm (Crunchyroll Stage): Intro to Gunpla: Starting Out Like a Pro

4:00 pm (Hime Stage): Crunchyroll Originals Presents: An Exclusive Panel with the Creators and Staff of Nobless

6:00 pm (Hime Stage): Anime and Race

4:00 pm (Crunchyroll Stage): K-Pop and Anime: When Two World Collide

7:00 pm (Crunchyroll Stage): Myth & Roid Panel

7:45 pm (Crunchyroll Stage): Myth & Roid Concert


10:00 am (Crunchyroll Stage): Crunchyroll Originals Presents The God of High School Panel with Creator Yongje Park, Director Sunghoo Park, and More!

10:15 am (Hime Stage): Making Official Merch with Atsuko & Friends

11:00 am (Hime Stage): Yen Press Industry Panel

11:45 am (Crunchyroll Stage): Anime and Drag with Rock M. Sakur

12:00 pm (Hime Stage): Crunchyroll Virtual Industry Panel

12:45 pm (Crunchyroll Stage): Mesoamerica Animated: Onyx Equinox with Sofia E. Alexander

1:00 pm (Hime Stage): Mangamo Industry Panel

2:00 pm (Crunchyroll Stage): Crunchyroll Originals Presents: Talk with the Creators of So I’m a Spider, So What?

2:00 pm (Hime Stage): Snacking Through Japan with Bokksu

2:45 pm (Hime Stage): Right Stuf Anime Industry Panel

3:00 pm (Crunchyroll Stage): Exclusive Panel with the Staff from The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter

3:45 pm (Hime Stage): For Fans by Fans Presents: Anime Tropes Roulette!

4:15 pm (Crunchyroll Stage): Crunchyroll Originals Presents: GIBIATE Live Drawing

5:00 pm (Hime Stage): Kodansha Comics x Yen Press Showdown!

5:15 pm (Crunchyroll Stage): A Conversation with Erika Mendez

6:15 pm (Crunchyroll Stage): Drawing Crunchyroll-Hime! Watch and Learn Event

7:00 pm (Crunchyroll Stage): Crunchyroll-Hime's Cosplay Cu


11:00 am (Crunchyroll Stage): Crunchyroll Original Presents: TONIKAWA Panel with Akari Kito and Author Kenjiro Hata

11:15 am (Hime Stage): King Records: New Project Panel

12:15 pm (Crunchyroll Stage): Get to Know More About Akari Kito

12:30 pm (Hime Stage): Crunchyroll Originals Presents: GIBIATE Panel and Episode Premiere

1:15 pm (Crunchyroll Stage): A Conversation with Chris Hackney

1:30 pm (Hime Stage): Crunchyroll Originals Presents: An Exclusive Panel with the Creators and Staff of Noblesse

2:15 pm (Crunchyroll Stage): Black Anime Magical Girl

2:45 pm (Hime Stage): Mesoamerican Gods: Mythology in Onyx Equinox

3:45 pm (Hime Stage): Virtual Crunchyroll Expo Live Q&A with Staff!

4:30 pm (Crunchyroll Stage): Working at Crunchyroll

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