World Cosplay Summit 2020 Needs Your Help!!

World Cosplay Summit 2020 Needs Your Help!!

With the drastic impacts, that coronavirus pandemic has implied on the world of entertainment is way too grieving. Numerous events have been postponed and some have even been shelved completely, much to their misfortune. Various conventions, premieres, events had to turn digital this year for their inability of hosting guests this year due to the guideline for the prevention from being infected by the virus.

And now the biggest event of them all, The World Cosplay Summit 2020 is supposedly facing serious issues for the lack of funds as the creators have launched a funding programme. A funding need for the creators gives the idea that their regular or predetermined sponsors could be hesitant to invest for the regulations of an ongoing pandemic could result in heavy losses to them.

To prevent this international event, which is like a festival to all the cosplayers all around the globe, from getting shelved, the members of the world cosplay summit have now launched the crowd fundraising project. This project was launched on ‘Kickstarter’ for 15 million Japanese yen which turns to approximately 1.1 crore Indian rupees.

The creators have shaped this crowdfunding project in three stages, out of which the first stage to collect 1 million yen has been achieved with the help of all those who helped in this. The next goal is set to achieve the fund amount of 15 million yen. They also stated, if this amount is not collected by September 13th, it'll lead up to nothing; so we got to keep up with the amount. Although, if the funds, fortunately, rise to the score of 15 million yen, they will be rightly utilised toward the hosting of next years cosplay summit. Creators have pleaded with the utmost respect to all the followers of World biggest cosplay festival to keep it alive amid this virus pandemic. After all, the 18 years long legacy of hosting talented cosplayers from more than 40 countries around the world, is at stake.

People can save The World Cosplay Summit by chipping in whatever amount they wish to increase the fund amount to help it reach its goal on –

"World Cosplay Summit (commonly known as Kossami)" is the world's largest cosplay festival that started in 2003 in Nagoya and celebrated its 18th year this summer.

We can all save the WCS if we want, with our collective efforts put into it. And we must! So let’s join hands and help the cosplayers in saving their biggest celebration.


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