Yaoi Anime Series 'Yes, No, or Maybe?' Trailer Released!

Official YouTube channel of BL FES!!-Boys Love Festival!!- released a 2-minute trailer of its upcoming anime series 'Yes, No, or Maybe?' (Iesu ka Nō ka Hanbun ka) on 9th August 2020. The anime series is adapted from Michi Ichiho and Lala Takemiya's Boys Love (Yaoi) light novel of the same name. Along with the trailer, the official website of the project revealed the key visual drawn by light novel illustrator Lala Takemiya. The key visual will appear on the MoviTicke Cards that are available on sale.

The trailer also revealed the theme song 'Sekai to Kakurenbo' (Hide and seek with the world). Atsushi Abe and Yoshihisa Kawahara gave the voice for the characters Kunieda Kei and Tsuzuki Ushio respectively. Both the Voice actors are reprising their roles from the drama CD adaptation of the novel. The original light novel writer Michi Ichiho penned the lyrics for the song.

Key Visual of BL FES!!-Boys Love Festival!!- upcoming Boys Love/BL anime seires Iesu ka Nō ka Hanbun ka a.k.a Yes, No, or Maybe?
Yes, No, or Maybe? Yaoi Anime Key Visual


Director/Screenplay: Masahiro Takata

Producer: Tomoyuki Morikawa

Character design: Ayano Owada

Animation production: Responsive

Art director: Natsuko Tosugi, Rika Miyamoto

Colour design: Nobori Haruko

Photography director: Koichi Yokomakura

Music: Tomoki Hasegawa

Acoustic director: Nobuyuki Abe


Kei Kunieda, a popular TV host, is known for his professional behaviour, but his behaviour is the opposite in private. One day Ushio Tsuzuki, a stop-motion animator discovers his off-camera personality when they run into each other at the grocery store. Kei tries to keep Ushio quiet about his secret as Ushio comes to love him for who he truly is.

The anime will premiere in Tokyo's Shinjuku Wald 9 and other theatres along with the anime shorts of Naomi Guren's Marudase Kintarō (Kintarō Bares it All) BL manga as a part of Bl Fes!!-Boys Love Festival!! project.

Sources: BL FES!!-Boys Love Festival!! website, YouTube Channel, ANN

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